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Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes (born Cody Garrett Runnels; June 30, 1985) is an American professional wrestler, promoter, businessman, and actor, better known by the ring name Cody Rhodes or simply Cody. He is an executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he also serves as an in-ring talent.

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AEW Dynamite Results-February 19th,2020
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Tonight’s main event—and for the first time ever in the history of the promotion—a steel cage match! It was “The American Nightmare” Cody vs. MJF’s bodyguard, Wardlow, in a steel cage!

The only way to win was by pin fall or submission. MJF accompanied Wardlow to the ring. Cody was out next, joined by Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes.

A high kick from Cody found its mark across Wardlow’s face, but Wardlow didn’t budge. He posed in front of Cody, trying to intimidate him. Cody dropped down to the mat and connected with an uppercut to Wardlow. Cody followed up with a Disaster Kick, but even this couldn’t take Wardlow off his feet.

Wardlow used a clothesline on Cody, and then tossed him like a lawn dart into the steel cage! MJF was barking orders at Wardlow from ringside. Wardlow power bombed Cody against the cage! He booted Cody, and began using the cage against Cody’s forehead, which was busted wide open.

“Wardlow is manhandling Cody. Cody is losing a lot of blood!” said Jim Ross.

Cody found the will to pick Wardlow off his feet and pancake him. Cody used a cutter on Wardlow! Cody was laying in shots to the head of Wardlow, but Wardlow used a low blow to halt Cody’s momentum.

Wardlow picked Cody up on his shoulders and used a spinning F-10 on Cody! Wardlow, arrogantly, did not attempt to go for the cover. Wardlow started raking Cody’s forehead across the steel cage. Then Cody was knocked headfirst against the cage door, popping it open with the momentum. Cody’s head was positioned just through the cage door, and Arn Anderson grabbed the door before MJF could slam it on Cody’s head. Instead, Arn swung the cage door in the other direction, nailing MJF with it!

Wardlow tried for a power bomb but Cody escaped. Cody rallied back and hit the monster with three clotheslines. Cody used a powerslam on Wardlow for a near fall. Cody climbed to the top rope but Wardlow caught him with a right hand, and then military pressed Cody against the steel cage! Wardlow hit a senton onto Cody for a two count!

“That was amazing for a man that size,” said Tony Schiavone.

MJF tossed the “DYNAMITE diamond ring” through the cage to Wardlow, but Cody countered with a low blow to Wardlow. MJF began to climb the cage from the outside, but Brandi Rhodes stopped him in his tracks by swinging a folding chair at MJF. Upset with Cody’s wife, MJF angrily approached Brandi. “Nightmare Family” head coach Arn Anderson stepped in and whipped MJF over the ringside barricade!

Cody connected with an uppercut and then the CrossRhodes for a two count onto Wardlow! Cody looked up, almost in a trance-like state, and scaled the cage. Cody climbed all the way to the top and hit a moonsault off the steel cage onto Wardlow for the three count! As a result of his victory, “the American Nightmare” Cody will be facing MJF at AEW REVOLUTION!

Be sure to watch next week live on February 26th, as AEW DYNAMITE will be broadcasting on TNT from the Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Kansas City, MO! It’ll be the final show prior to the AEW REVOLUTION pay-per-view, being held on February 29th from Chicago!


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