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AEW Dynamite Results-March 25th,2020
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Tony Schiavone, Kenny Omega, and “The American Nightmare” Cody kicked off the show from the broadcast table, running down tonight’s card!

And the opening contest was “The American Nightmare” Cody vs. Jimmy Havoc!

Brandi Rhodes was the ring announcer tonight! She gave Cody a kiss as he entered the ring.

Havoc got Cody down with some leg sweeps, and an arm drag. Cody used his bulk and brawn to push Havoc into the corner, but Havoc rolled through for a near fall.

“I think the more this match becomes a mat-based contest, the more it favors Cody,” said Kenny Omega.

Cody hit a cutter off the ropes, and then went for a figure four leg-lock. Havoc poked Cody’s eyes to break the hold. Cody knocked Havoc outside and then blasted him with a tope suicida! They brawled on the outside, and this style favored Havoc.

Jimmy Havoc suplexed Cody into the turnbuckle, wrenching Cody’s legs on the ropes in the process. Havoc stomped on Cody’s hands and right elbow.

Cody went back to the entrance tunnel, ran down the ramp, and used a running lariat on Jimmy Havoc…”shades of the Great Muta!” said Tony Schiavone.

Cody attempted a cutter but was caught in an arm bar by Havoc! Cody rolled to the ropes, and Havoc took him down with a clothesline. Jimmy Havoc was laying in the shots in the corner, but Cody put the brakes on it. Down to the mat they crashed as Cody gave Havoc a reverse suplex! Cody spiked Havoc with two CrossRhodes for the victory via pin fall!

Jake “the Snake” Roberts had a message for Cody, played over the big screen. Cody watched from inside the ring.

“Lance Archer is chomping at the bit just to get in the ring with somebody from All Elite Wrestling,” Jake said. “Here I am, the best mind that wrestling’s ever had, yet not a phone call when All Elite Wrestling started last year. And not a phone call for Lance Archer, who was in Japan, romping and stomping. Because you guys were afraid. Bring your people. Bring Arn Anderson. Bring all of ‘em. Give us something to sign that says you, Cody, will meet us, one time. One time! That’s all I’m asking for Cody. What are you going to do? It’s up to you, Cody. Trust me.”

Cody joined Tony Schiavone at the broadcast table. Tony asked Cody about Jake’s challenge. “I’m aware of Lance Archer’s work in Japan, but he doesn’t have a body of work here. I don’t want to be a whiny babyface so Lance can debut next week. Spoiler!” replied Cody.

Le Champion Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy met face to face inside an AEW ring for the first time!

“Those arrogant S.O.B.’s got Matt Hardy to pledge his allegiance to The Elite last week. Come down to the ring Matt Hardy.”

Vanguard 1 flew down to the ring instead. Jericho said Vanguard 1 was a piece of trash. And then Jericho asked the drone to join The Inner Circle. Vanguard 1 flew away and it outraged Jericho.

Matt Hardy was standing at the top of the arena, and then in the blink of an eye, he was teleporting to different parts of the arena, until finally appearing ringside.

“Maker of pain, you knew I’d come!” said Matt Hardy.

“How did you do that?” asked Jericho.

“Because I am magic!” replied Matt Hardy.

“When you show up in AEW, you want to align yourself with me, not with the arrogant Elite,” said Jericho.

“No, I owe the Bucks of Youth a debt, because they helped resurrect me. And AEW represents freedom. It is my Arcadia. And I cannot allow you and The Inner Circle to run roughshod on AEW!” said Hardy.

“I’m gonna give you another shot to join The Inner Circle.”

“I am Damascus. And Damascus is over 3,000 years old,” said Hardy.

“Then you must be extremely wise. Outside you look very different. But inside you’re the same Matt Hardy that I’ve known for 25 years. Always living in the shadow. The shadow of your brother, the shadow of bad booking, and now the shadow of Le Champion. I’m gonna ask you one more time: are you Inner Circle or are you Elite?” asked Jericho.

“Delete! Delete! Delete! Delete!” shouted Matt Hardy.

Hardy continued: “Take off your sunglasses because I want you to take a good look at the entity that will delete you and The Inner Circle!”

Jericho slapped Hardy, but Hardy punched back, knocking Jericho to the mat!

Sammy G. jumped Hardy from behind. Kenny Omega and Cody ran down to help Matt Hardy, swinging steel chairs at Sammy and Le Champion!


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