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AEW Dynamite Results-June 3rd,2020
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It was time for tonight’s main event!

Jungle Boy vs. the TNT Champion— “The American Nightmare” Cody (accompanied by coach Arn Anderson)!

This was the first title defense for the TNT Champ!

Cody and Jungle Boy started with mat wrestling, with Cody having the edge. Cody took down Jungle Boy with a big shoulder tackle, but Jungle Boy followed that up with hurracarana on Cody! Jungle Boy cradled Cody who kicked out at two!

“It’s hard to prepare for a guy as quick as Jungle Boy,” noted Jim Ross.

Cody and Jungle Boy exchanged chops and forearms in the corner. Cody caught Jungle Boy midair with a power slam for a near fall! Cody applied the figure four submission on Jungle Boy, but Cody had to break the hold when Jungle Boy reached the ropes.

Jungle Boy jumped from the outside and nailed Cody with a DDT for a near fall. Cody rolled out of the ring to collect his thoughts, but Jungle Boy quickly followed with a tope suicida! Jungle Boy attempted a second tope suicida, but Cody caught him and tossed him over the guardrail onto the concrete!

“Cody has built some momentum here,” said Jim Ross.

Cody connected with a headbutt on Jungle Boy. He tried again but Jungle Boy moved, and Cody’s skull smashed into the wall, busting The American Nightmare wide open!

MJF and Jungle Boy began jaw-jacking at the ringside area. Jungle Boy went back and grabbed Cody and pushed him back into the ring. Jungle Boy began hammering at the head of Cody. Jungle Boy hit a John Woo-style dropkick and then an inside cradle for a near fall on Cody!

Cody rocked Jungle Boy with a bicycle kick! Jungle Boy fought back with a wicked lariat on Cody. Jungle Boy trapped Cody’s arms and began the ground and pound attack! Jungle Boy went to the top rope, but Cody stopped him with a dropkick. Cody suplexed Jungle Boy down from the turnbuckles for a two-count!

“A lot of heart in Jungle Boy. Amazing!” said Tony Schiavone.

Cody removed his weight belt. He attempted the figure four, but Jungle Boy pushed him away with his foot. They battled on the top turnbuckle and they came crashing through a table off the top after trading shots!

Cody executed a spine-tingling CrossRhodes on Jungle Boy and won the match!

“What a hell of a fight,” noted Tony Schiavone.

“What a first defense for the TNT Champion Cody,” added Excalibur.


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