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AEW Dynamite Results-July 22nd,2020
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Tonight’s DYNAMITE began with the Open Challenge for the TNT Dynamite Title!

“The American Nightmare” Cody (along with Nightmare Family head coach, “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson), stood in the ring awaiting to see who would answer the open challenge this week. After Justin Roberts finished his introduction of TNT Champ Cody, out walked…

18-year pro wrestling veteran Eddie Kingston, making his AEW Debut, to answer Cody’s open challenge! Kingston proposed that this week’s open challenge should have a No DQ stipulation, and Cody agreed!

As Justin Roberts began to introduce the challenger, Kingston attacked Cody from behind.

The fight quickly went to the outside of the ring, with Kingston and Cody brawling. Kingston gouged Cody’s eyes!

“This is a dangerous situation that Cody has put himself in,” said Jim Ross.

“And it’s a dangerous man that he is facing. Eddie Kingston, one of the toughest, one of the dirtiest fighters in the game, is now challenging for the TNT Championship,” added Excalibur.

Back in the ring, Kingston went for a single leg takedown on Cody and then started clubbing Cody with fists, employing some “street” ground-and-pound into his strategy. Kingston went for a spinning back fist but Cody dodged it. Cody blasted Kingston with the Disaster Kick!

Kingston, in a fog, stumbled to the outside of the ring to clear the cobwebs after Cody’s Disaster Kick. Cody wasted no time and followed up with a tope suicida onto Kingston!

“Cody’s got his work cut out for him but he is focused,” said Tony Schiavone.

Cody came off the top rope with a missile dropkick onto the challenger. Kingston was clutching his knee and went back outside the ring. Cody removed his weight belt and followed him.

“I think Kingston may have lured Cody to the outside,” said Excalibur.

Kingston booted Cody to the abdomen and snatched the weight belt from Cody. Kingston began whipping Cody’s back with the belt. There is no disqualification in this match after all, so Kingston is using that to his advantage.

“Kingston is whipping Cody like a government mule here,” said Jim Ross.

“Kingston still trying to get his knee back in place,” said Excalibur.

Kingston removed the padding on the outside, exposing the concrete floor! Kingston approached Cody to place him in a piledriver, perhaps, but Cody powered out and backdropped Kingston onto the concrete floor! Cody was driving his fists into Kingston’s forehead.

“Cody showing great aggression here. Tenacity! Toughness!” noted Jim Ross.

The competitors went back into the ring and Kingston was still favoring his injured knee. He hit a backdrop driver on Cody, planting him right on the back of his head.

“That’s that influence of that All Japan Pro-Wrestling style, one of the pillars that Kingston counts as a motivator for getting into the pro wrestling business,” said Excalibur.

Kingston was hitting Cody with hard body shots in the corner but Cody fought back until Kingston dropped Cody to the mat with another stiff shot. Kingston drove the sole of his boot into Cody’s jaw. Kingston was yelling at Cody: “Stay down!”

Cody went after Kingston’s left knee but Kingston turned Cody inside out with a brutal clothesline! Kingston applied a Stretch Plum submission onto Cody. “The American Nightmare” escaped but Kingston took him right back down with a snap mare takeover. Kingston delivered wicked kicks to Cody’s spine. Cody got back to his feet but Kingston poked him in the eyes.

Kingston went for another suplex but Cody floated over the top and caved Kingston’s foundation with a chop block to his tweaked knee! Cody was fired up and sent Kingston headfirst into the turnbuckle pad! Cody tried an Irish whip on Kingston but Kingston’s leg buckled and he crumped to the mat. Cody approached Kingston to take advantage of the situation but Kingston turned and met Cody with a low blow.

“A desperate man pushed to his limit will do just about anything, and we’re seeing that with Eddie Kingston,” said Excalibur.

Kingston DDT’ed Cody on the crown of his skull!

Tony Schiavone noted that Kingston once served as the manager for Santana and Ortiz, as Kingston went to the outside of the ring and pulled a bag out from under the apron.

Kingston emptied the bag inside the ring, spilling the contents across the mat. The bag had been full of thumbtacks! Kingston headbutted Cody between the eyes, growling “Fight me!”

Kingston picked up Cody on his shoulder, carrying him towards the thumbtacks, but Cody escaped and dropkicked Kingston’s knee! Cody attempted to put Kingston in a hold, but Kingston countered and powerbombed Cody right into the thumbtacks!

“Cody is bleeding from the mouth, he’s got thumbtacks in his arm and lower back. Look at that! Can you imagine the pain?!” said Jim Ross.

Kingston backdropped Cody again but Cody popped up, full of adrenaline, and clotheslined Kingston! Cody saw an opportunity for the figure four, but Kingston slapped him in the face. Cody answered with open palm strikes of his own, and then a straight right hand to Kingston! Cody had enough and wrapped up Kingston’s legs in the figure four! After Cody bridged up, Kingston had no choice but to tap!

“Cody has been a fighting champion but this may have been his toughest test yet. That knee injury to Eddie Kingston proved to be a crucial turning point in this match,” noted Excalibur.


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